NZ Beef & Blueberry Delight

An Amazing Collection of Nutrients & Antioxidants


Natural Freeze Dried Treats That Retain All The Fresh Flavour and Nutritional Value

Suitable for Cats and Dogs

  • An Amazing Collections of Nutrients & Antioxidant
  • Real Whole Meat & Fruit

No Preservatives & Additives

There’s Just One Way To Get Fresher Treats! Taste Fresh, Look Fresh, Stay Fresh!

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Beef & Blueberry Delight uses free-range grass fed beef packed with local blueberry. An amazing collection of antioxidants and nutrients, it prevents cell damage that occurs from everyday wear and tear for your dog and cat.

Our special slow 24-hour at less than minus -50 ˚C freeze-drying process creates a light, crisp texture that appeals to pets. It preserves the fresh flavour, aroma and nutritional value of fresh catch, while providing shelf-stable convenience. Craving for a different texture? Just add warm water and every fresh food detail returns! Taste Fresh, Look Fresh, Stay Fresh!

We only use single source real whole meat, no mixing with other ingredients, no fillers, no sugar, no starch, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no wheat, no gluten, no corn, no dairy and no yeast.

All Sunday Pets ingredients are sustainable locally sourced in New Zealand to ensure continuous quality and freshness!

Our Ingredients/ Composition: Beef Meat, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney and Blueberry