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Where is Sunday Pets manufactured?

The food is manufactured in New Zealand. With New Zealand’s stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards, you can be assured of the highest quality food.

Why should I choose organic foods for my pets?

There is more then 1 reason why organic diet is the one to choose for your pets: 1) Great taste 2) It’s healthy 3) No nasty additives 4) Avoids chemical pesticides 5) GMO-free 6) No reliance on drugs, hormones 7) High standards of compliance 8) Care for animals 9) Good for wildlife and the environment Sunday Pets Delicious Organic does not contain any artificial flavorings or artificial colors. They do not contain any growth hormones or antibiotics. There are no fillers and they are often higher in antioxidants. All of these things make the foods more nutritious, more palatable and easier to digest. We only use 100% organic grass fed, free range New Zealand lamb, never placed in feed lots, never given hormones, never given antibiotics. A growing body of research indicates that they had 14% less fat and about 8 % more protein compared to grain-fed lamb, Grass-fed lamb is an excellent source of vitamin B-12, niacin, zinc, a good source of iron. It also contain a higher source of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene then other meat. The organic vegetables, fruits and herbs sourced are 100% free of hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and GMOs.

When I fed Sunday Pets to my pet for the first time, I noticed that my pet passed loose stools. Does this mean that Sunday Pets is not suitable for my pet?

Loose stools is a common occurrence if any new food is introduced to a pet as it takes about 1 week for your pet to get accustomed to the new food. Please try to follow the switching guide as propose on our feeding guide: 75% existing new food: 25% new food 50% existing new food: 50% new food 25% existing new food: 75% new food 0% existing new food: 100% new food

What if my pet does not eat?

The main reason why a pet refuses food is that it is not hungry or not feeling well. Some pets will eat anything, but some will show a reluctance to eat and refuse certain foods. We suggest adding a little warm water to the kibble. This helps to release the aroma of the food. If prolong resistance, please approach the vet.

Sunday Pets Food

Why is Sunday Pets better than extruded dry pet food?

At Sunday Pets, we only use gentle bake process to attain better digestibility and natural palatability. Gentle baked produces a soft crunchy texture that is not highly “compressed to form extremely hard pellets” or “processed to give a uniform shape”. It retain almost 90% of its nutrients, but extruded dry foods typically lose an average of 40% of their nutrients. It can be easily digest and more nutrients absorbed, affirmed by the lesser stool volume. At Sunday Pets, palatability is the taste of nature. More fresh meat can be use in a gentle baked process, and without the addition of flavorings or spraying of preserved fats on the kibbles, normally use in other process methods. (You can feel it, Sunday Pets is not oily or greasy like most extruded dry food)

What is so special of the Chew Well™ shape?

Many companions have trouble eating “normal dry food”, they have an unhealthy habit of eating too fast, and they “Swallow” not “Chew”. This swallowing without much chewing can lead to problems like indigestion, stomach ulcer, constipation, vomiting, bloat and coprophagy. Chew Well™ unique revolutionary shape was born out of deep thought and research to solve these problems. Chew Well™ encourages companions to eat at a slower rate by chewing each kibble. Chewing causes dogs to release natural endorphins, which make them, feel good and clean the teeth as well. Preventing your companion from eating too fast is an important part of properly caring for them yet can be challenging.

What specifically makes Sunday Pets so digestible?

We use only high quality sources of ingredient that are more digestible. Additionally, our gentle baking process is converting more carbohydrates to bio-available energy. Thus, lesser stool volume.

My kibble seems to vary in color, why?

All of our products in the Sunday Pets line are all-natural. We use no artificial colors or dyes of any kind. Therefore it is perfectly normal to see differences in color &/or texture. Highly processed foods are added with dyes and coloring, which give them the uniform color as well as uniform shape and size.

Why is it important to control the ash levels?

At Sunday pets we ensure that our food of different life stages (many food take note of it only for senior diet) healthful amount of ash & phosphorus to maintain long-term health benefits. Ash is the non-combustible, or non-burning, portion of pet food. High ash levels in pet foods are not only a reflection of how much bone is in the product but also the quality of the pet food. Since the greater part of ash is not absorbed it lowers the digestibility of the food—which means more waste—and adversely affects palatability. Phosphorus, calcium and other minerals make up a large part of ash that means high ash foods usually contain higher levels of phosphorus and calcium. They also have very important roles throughout the body including: blood coagulation, energy metabolism, transmission of nerve impulses, and cell membrane integrity to name a few. Most foods contain two-to-three times the levels of phosphorus and calcium required by dogs and cats, so calcium and phosphorus deficiencies are not seen in pets fed commercial pet food. But, medical problems due to excess phosphorus and calcium do occur. Phosphorus is a large factor in kidney disease. When kidney function begins to decrease—due to trauma, toxins, old age, disease, or other factors—excess phosphorus promotes further kidney damage. More than 70% of kidney function has to be lost before a dog or cat begins to show signs of kidney disease, so high phosphorus diets may be harming a healthy kidney—and you would not know.

Why Low Glycemic Index (GI) is important?

Low GI Carbohydrates -Balance Release We uses Low GI ingredient, as it is – slow burning carbohydrate. It influence balance release of glucose and providing essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. Glycemic Index is the ranking of carbohydrates on a scale of 0-100 according to the extent they raise blood sugar levels after consumption of a food that contains carbohydrates. Some carbohydrate foods break down quickly during digestion and the glucose (or sugar) in the blood stream increases rapidly. Such foods have High Glycemic Index. This rapid rise in blood-glucose trigger excessive amounts of insulin to be released by the pancreas to cope with the glucose. Over time, body cells may gradually become insensitive to insulin, and become unable to use insulin efficiently. Conversely, carbohydrate foods which break down slowly, releasing glucose gradually into the blood stream have Low Glycemic Index. This low GI foods directly or indirectly influences many physiological processes which are relevant to health and performance, including physical activity, cognitive function, appetite regulation and energy balance.

Can I feed Sunday Pets diets daily?

Sunday Pets is safe for daily feeding. Sunday Pets diet mimic diet of the wild with higher protein, which also had fewer calories from fat, and moderated mineral and ash levels. Therefore your dog will not put on too much weight and having them suffer from possible long-term effects of consuming extremely high Calcium, Phosphorus and ash levels.

Can I feed Sunday Pets Small & Medium Puppy formula to my large breed puppy?

Not advisable, Sunday Pets Small & Medium Puppy is meant for small and medium breed puppies. Research has shown that large breed puppies should not be fed a diet that is over 1.3 – 1.5% Calcium or they run a significant risk of developing bone abnormalities. Many of the high protein diets on the market today are well in excess of 1.5% Calcium. The higher calories in Sunday Pets Small & Medium Puppy will result in the giant puppy having heavier weight which the developing skeletal structure may not be able to hold, resulting in joint problems in the later part of their life. We recommend feeding Sunday Pets Large & Giant Puppy recipe which I specific for large breed puppies.

Is higher protein appropriate for senior dogs?

There is no perfect diet for every type of dog. Protein is needed to support the muscle mass which deplete faster during the aging process. It really depends upon the individual dog’s needs and overall health. If you are not sure of the best approach for your dog, it is recommended to consult with your holistic veterinarian.

Sunday Pets Ingredient

How do I know that Sunday Pets is really ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA free?

At Sunday Pets, we not only use 100% natural preservative in our final product, even the ingredients use are free from ethoxiquin, BHT and BHA. Sunday Pets only purchases ingredient that are preserved with vitamin E, citric acid, and rosemary. This means all our ingredients are all naturally preserved.

Why does Sustainable Freshness in Sunday Pets mean to us?

Sustainability freshness involves farming and fishing methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities. Supporting Sunday Pets helps ensure that there will be fresh produce available – and people to harvest them – for years to come. We consider sustainability the main principle of our business, and as such, our entire inventory is cross-checked against scientific. Our reliance on independent (rather than industry-supported) research helps us to ensure that everything we source comes from abundant populations that are well managed and caught or farmed in an environmentally friendly way. This also ensures great traceability for the meal that is place in you pets bowl.

Why 3 different protein type?

Multiple protein sources from lamb, beef, snapper, tarakihi, gurnard and egg ensure that adequate amino acids profile that are available to meet your pet’s needs. Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your pets’ body uses protein to build and repair tissues. They also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Therefore an adequate amino acids profile from multiple protein sources is necessary for optimal health.

Why do you add Green Lip Mussel for the glucosamine and chondrotin? What is the purpose?

We use only New Zealand Green Lipped mussels found in the pristine waters of New Zealand, This mussel is nutritionally packed with a rare combination of proteins, lipids, omega 3 fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates. In their natural state, Green-lipped mussels have a high quantity of natural mucopolysaccharides (commonly referred to as MPS) or Glycosaminoglycans (commonly referred to as GAGs) and chondroitin MPS and GAGs are groups of carbohydrates that are ‘the glue of life’ presence in joints and connective tissues that hold the structure (pets body) together. With New Zealand green lipped mussel, it is a good overall approach to good joint and connective tissues health, against daily wear and tear for adult.

What is Marine and Flax Blend?

Marine and Flax omega blend obtain from marine source like deep sea cold fish, green lip mussel and cold press flaxseed provide abundant essential fatty acid to act as building blocks for proper development and function of brain and retina. DHA and EPA are also excellent elements to keep your skin healthy and supple. They are known to prevent the skin from getting dry and flaky. For the heart to function properly, there should be good blood flow, and the nutrients that promote healthy cardiovascular function are DHA and EPA because they get converted into prostaglandins, which are hormone like substances that help the heart function better As our pets grow older and their bodies age, their mental processes and cognitive abilities also change and are not as sharp as they are supposed to be. DHA and EPA levels begin to fall and it could slowly lead to age related diseases in which a gradual loss of memory becomes most apparent. To counter this, having DHA and EPA, can help older pets remain sharp and better focused even in their advanced years.

Sunday Pets Raw Chow Freeze Dried

What is Sunday Raw Freeze Dried Food?

No heat involved! No Cooking just like nature! Sunday FD Raw FD Food is a new category of pet food. Raw ingredients such as meat, fruits and vegetables are dehydrated at gentle processing conditions to retain nutrients of the food. Moisture is taken out of the food very slowly over a 24 hours period at -50 degree Celsius which keep the food full of all the natural nutrients, leaving a completely shelf stable food ready to eat. It effectively prevents the growth of microorganisms, browning and spoilage. It provides higher nutrition than both canned food and dry kibble, and is also highly convenient.

What you mean by freshness-processed at the place that it land?

They are minimally processed to keep the nutrients and flavor in the food 2-process method is use – 1) Preparing the ingredient 2) Freeze Drying Once the fresh ingredient landed, it is immediately freeze dried with no other unnecessary process taking place to retain its whole freshness and nutrients.

What should I do before serving Raw Chow to my dog?

Add 1 part of Raw Chow with 2 part of warm water. Add less water if a thicker consistency is desired, and stir well before serving. You need not wait for all the water to be absorbed. Once rehydrated, consume within 4 hours. May feed dry if preferred.

Why is Raw Chow so expensive?

In real food, up to 90% can be the moisture and left with 10% true nutrients. So we are paying for water when we purchase ingredients from our local market. With Sunday Pets Raw FD, there is almost 0% of moisture left, having only pure nutrient. For every 1lb of Sunday Pets Raw Chow Freeze Dried, it is as good as 4lb of the food.

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