Every bite is real whole food nutrition!

Made with 100% whole meat & organs, vegetables & fruits. All of our recipes are built around simple, fresh and wholesome ingredients whose nutrients and flavours stand out naturally. Our ingredients naturally provide almost every nutrient your dog needs to thrive in highly bio-available form achieved through gentle baking. Nothing unnecessary is added and nothing important is taken away.

It’s the stuff we never use in our food that makes it HEALTHY!


Rendered meat/meat meal

Plant protein concentrate

Complex carbohydrates: potato, tapioca, pulse & grain

Artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

Spray-on oil

Minimally process to safeguard more of the taste & nutrition

3 steps is all it takes to make real good food, just like you would at home.

Step 1. Blend fresh and whole ingredients.

Step 2. Flatten & cut into small “chew well” bits.

Step 3. Gently bake on a low temperature in small batches.

100% source from NZ, sustainable freshness

Using only wholesome ingredients that we source ourselves, our food are gently baked in small batches, ensuring each bag can be traced back to the farms where these tasty ingredients come from. The ability to trace food back to its source provides assurance about our products.