Thanks You for Your Kind Words…

Guess the full natural aroma made her like it so much, truly unlike any other kibble.

Meow Mee

Before I had any idea what it was Butters was completely clued up. He never reacts to parcels in the post but suddenly he was jumping around in circles around the box when I set it down to get a letter opener. He’s now behaving like a kid that got just what they asked for at Christmas


My Westie has a jaw condition and she is unable to open her mouth. And apparently Sunday Pet Gentle Baked series is the only food she loves and willing to eat .


This is for a poodle who has food issue related gastroenteritis and exceeded our expectation.

Jia jia

It has been so great for my goldie who has itchy skin. The limited ingredients seems to help.

Goldie Boy

Really like the food! Seldom we see food that is not oily.

Ah Boy