Our Journey

The purity of the environment in which the ingredients are grown is an integral part of Sunday Pets®.

New Zealand has an international reputation for its commitment to quality, flavour and leading the international farming community in traceability, food safety, and agricultural sustainability. The temperate climate and fertile soil creates ideal conditions for agricultural production. Pasture-fed and naturally raised meat products are tender, flavoursome and healthy. Our sheep farming is recognised for its world-leading standards of farming integrity. Sheep have an average of at least 1/3 of a football field per sheep to graze free-range in their natural environment of a variety of different pasture types.

We believe that there has to be better and more natural way to produce our food. Our goal is to produce the finest quality food for our pets while improving the welfare of the farm animals, the environment and the quality of our pets’ life.

Nature has created the freshest, safest and best tasting ingredients and what Sunday Pets® has done is harness the benefits of these ingredients and create a healthy, delicious and holistic food that you can really trust and that are loved by every pet.

Our food was not born in the lab but in the pristine landscape of New Zealand. We take the naturally excellent ingredients and develop holistic food specific to the individual unique needs of our pets. Our pets’ owners love the blend of a natural product that is designed to offer unmatched nutrition with the finest taste.

New Zealand’s distinct landscape and the passion, honesty, integrity and ‘down to earth’ attitude of our global team has helped to shape the Sunday Pets® brand.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping pets improve their quality of life through the food we created – when your pet is healthy, we are happy. With Sunday Pets®, everyday is a happy Sunday for your furry friends!

Keep them happy and make them a part of our family – give them something that’s healthy, nutritious and tasty even if you are too busy to make their meal yourself.