Why the food seems to vary in color?2018-10-27T04:55:46+00:00

All of our products in the Sunday Pets line are all-natural. We use no artificial colors or dyes of any kind. Therefore it is perfectly normal to see differences in color &/or texture. Highly processed foods are added with dyes and coloring, which give them the uniform color as well as uniform shape and size.

What is so special of the Chew Well™ shape?2018-10-27T04:54:13+00:00

Many companions have trouble eating “normal dry food”, they have an unhealthy habit of eating too fast, and they “Swallow” not “Chew”. This swallowing without much chewing can lead to problems like indigestion, stomach ulcer, constipation, vomiting, bloat and coprophagy. Chew Well™ unique revolutionary shape was born out of deep thought and research to solve these problems. Chew Well™ encourages companions to eat at a slower rate by chewing each kibble. Chewing causes dogs to release natural endorphins, which make them, feel good and clean the teeth as well. Preventing your companion from eating too fast is an important part of properly caring for them yet can be challenging.

Why Sunday Pets uses Gentle Bake rather than extrusion process?2018-10-27T04:52:37+00:00

At Sunday Pets, we only use gentle bake process to attain better digestibility and natural palatability. Gentle baked produces a soft crunchy texture that is not highly “compressed to form extremely hard pellets” or “processed to give a uniform shape”. It retain almost 90% of its nutrients, but extruded dry foods typically lose an average of 40% of their nutrients. It can be easily digest and more nutrients absorbed, affirmed by the lesser stool volume. At Sunday Pets, palatability is the taste of nature. More fresh meat can be use in a gentle baked process, and without the addition of flavorings or spraying of preserved fats on the kibbles, normally use in other process methods. (You can feel it, Sunday Pets is not oily or greasy like most extruded dry food)

What if my pet does not eat?2018-10-27T04:50:26+00:00

The main reason why a pet refuses food is that it is not hungry or not feeling well. Some pets will eat anything, but some will show a reluctance to eat and refuse certain foods. We suggest adding a little warm water to the kibble. This helps to release the aroma of the food. If prolong resistance, please approach the vet.

When I fed Sunday Pets to my pet for the first time, I noticed that my pet passed loose stools. Does this mean that Sunday Pets is not suitable for my pet?2018-10-27T04:49:12+00:00

Loose stools is a common occurrence if any new food is introduced to a pet as it takes about 1 week for your pet to get accustomed to the new food. Please try to follow the switching guide as propose on our feeding guide: 75% existing new food: 25% new food 50% existing new food: 50% new food 25% existing new food: 75% new food 0% existing new food: 100% new food

Where is Sunday Pets manufactured?2018-10-27T04:46:40+00:00

The food is manufactured in New Zealand. With New Zealand’s stringent agricultural and manufacturing standards, you can be assured of the highest quality food.

Why the Raw freeze dried food are crumbly?2019-08-13T05:46:39+00:00

We strive to not use anything unnecessary in Sunday Pet food. We do not use any form of binder or geling agent to just make the food look prettier but have no health benefit.


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