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NZ Wild Fish

Natural source of Omega 3 & lean protein for maintaining healthy weight

All-Natural Freeze Dried Food Topping

Healthy & delicious real whole food topping for mealtime variety

No artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

Tastes good on its own, it makes snacking healthy & nutritious

Sunday Pets® freeze dried treats go through a unique freeze drying process that gently removes the moisture from the fresh ingredients. This process is so gentle that it retains most of its raw nutrition, locking in all the goodness. Your pet will enjoy the delicious taste of nature while having the nutrients it needs to strive.

  • Naturally high in flavour with an addictive light crispy texture
  • Retaining most of its nutrients, vitamins and minerals

Composition/ Ingredient

100 % New Zealand Wild Hoki

  • Naturally preserved
  • Made with fresh & natural ingredients, color & shape may therefore vary.

Analytic/Guarantee Analysis

Crude protein minimum 84 %, fat content minimum 13 %, crude fibre maximum 0.8 %, crude ash maximum 3.4 %, moisture maximum 4.9 %.

Serving Recommendation

3 - 8 pieces per day

Fun ways to feed your furry buddy:

  • Pour over dry or wet food. Delicious real whole food topping for mealtime variety.
  • Delicious straight from the bag. Tastes good on its own, it makes snacking healthy & nutritious.
  • Add warm water. Just add warm water and original texture with every fresh food detail returns.